5th gr- Simulating motor/sensory impairment

  1. I need help coming up with some project ideas to teach some 5th grade classes about sensory/motor impairment. I'm looking for some project ideas or hands-on ideas/activities/movements/exercises to incorporate into a 30 minute presentation along with some "teaching" about the effects of alcohol on our brains and bodies.

    If anyone has any ideas for how to "simulate impairments", please share! I'll be putting this project together over the next week or so to present to my instructor and the school teacher.
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  3. by   Dratz
    Not sure about where you are but you might try and look into getting some of those impairment goggles...Not sure the name of them but the child puts them on and it simulates being impaired. The police take these goggles with them when they are teaching about drinking. I am not sure about teaching this to grade 5 tho...a bit heavy don't you think?