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Nursing Shortage A Global Problem, Convention Told

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The widening problems that Canadian hospitals have in hiring nurses are nothing unique, international delegates to a nursing convention in St. John's say.

It's become an epidemic in Ireland, to be truthful," said Patsy Doyle, a nurse from Cork, Ireland, who is attending a conference of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.

"We know that it's a global shortage of nurses ... At this time, people would prefer to work in any job bar nursing, because the job satisfaction-what used to be a hallmark of nursing-isn't evident anymore," she said....


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Did I understand that article correctly? It sounds as if the nursing shortage in Canada was and is deliberately being created by the goverment. It does not say as a cost containment effort but you get that impression.

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ukstudent specializes in SICU.

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Am I getting this correct.

Just last month, the Canadian Nurses Association warned that the country's nursing schools are producing more graduates than the number of jobs that will be filled. As a consequence, the CNA warned, many graduates will be recruited in the U.S. rather than work as casuals.

So there are too many new nurses, but:


'Nurses are working 16 hours, [and] double shifts have become a routine,' says Teena Noseworthy, who works in eastern Newfoundland.


Teena Noseworthy, a branch president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses Union, said working nurses are asked to bridge gaps that are becoming deeper and more frequent.

It seems to me that Canada HAS nurses, however they are not being hired in the numbers needed to help the currently working nurse. And who has the power to open up jobs and hire enough nurses, the government.

It seems the same thing that is happening in Canada in happening in Britain, both systems are govenment based healthcare. Nurses leaving the countries because even though they are needed, the jobs are not opened up.

This is the system that some want to remake the American healthcare system into!!

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It sure seems like it.

The people need to write, e-mail, and/or call their elected officials.

I know hospitals here will cancel nurses for ICU when critical patients are in the ER. Or cancel post partum/couplet care nurses when patients are in L&D. Then claim it is an unpredictable emergency!

If they keep the staff "bridging gaps" and working doubles they will have a true shortage of nurses willing to work under those conditions.

The people need to know that because it is their care that will suffer when they or their loved ones become patients.

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