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  1. Hello, I work on a med surge unit. I am currently using a Pittman classic S.E. II. My husband is buying a new one for my birthday but I am not sure which one. I am trying to decide between the master II or the classic III. My hearing is not the best although I have done fine with my classic S.E. II. They are close in price so I would like some input.
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  3. by   copperboomandpoodles
    @3MLittmann generally recommend the Classic III if you primarily do physical assessments and monitoring and their Cardiology IV is you primarily do detailed diagnostic auscultation. The main difference between the Master Classic II and the Classic III is with the chestpiece -- the Classic III features a pediatric side.
  4. by   Yingtsay
    I had Classic II and bought a Cardiology III in my last year of nursing school. The Cardiology III made a lot of difference especially with COPD and CHF.
  5. by   Calalilynurse
    I work in peds so I have a littmam classic III because of the pediatric diaphragm on top and the adult diaphragm on the bottom. I love it. I use the Ped side for babies and smaller kids and adults for teens. Ask your coworkers what they like to use too.