Want to buy a new scrub top

  1. Want to buy a new scrub top but don't know which brand is better and from which website should i buy? Please Guide Me
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  3. by   MedSurgicalRN
    You can go to LydiasUniforms.com for a start. They are detailed in describing scrubs measurements. I am sure you can return & exchange if it doesn't fit right. I recommend Grey's Anatomy brand, Landau,Dickies, Koi is my all time favorite & i have few pairs of Jaanuu (contemporary style scrubs). Have fun scrubs shopping!

  4. by   NursePaige17
    I buy mine from scrubsandbeyond.com. They have many different brands to pick from. They also have things like stethoscopes, clip boards, scissors, and compression socks. I started off with the Life Essentials brand as an aide because they are cheap and plain, nothing fancy. Now I absolutely love the Beyond Scrubs brand! My favorite is the Abby yoga top scrub pants. They are stretchy which make it easy to bend around in. The yoga top helps make sure they stay up when I squat to the ground. I also have some Grey's Anatomy button front jackets that I love to wear in the winter months! Whichever you decide on, I'm sure you will love them! Have fun!
  5. by   Cactus Nurse
    I personally like wonder wink tops. I feel it gives me the cutest shape without looking like a cloud with feet lol. Also maevn is nice!!! Super comfy and stretchy!
  6. by   Panful

    Especially when they have specials
  7. by   Koalified
    I get mine from amazon.com. Free shipping and returns. I'm partial to Cherokee brand. I do like Grey's Anatomy bease the colors do not fade but I don't like the price. Lately I am seeing younger, slimmer nurses wearing Jaanuu.
  8. by   meanmaryjean