Uniform Tops

  1. Anyone hear of Taffords? I am looking for an Oriential Scrub top. I heard Taffords has them.

    Anyone have the e-mail address?


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  3. by   barton
    Are you sure the name of the company isn't Tafford's? I think I receive a catalog from them sometimes.
  4. by   nurseyperson
    It is Taffords. I have thrown away the last one, but will post what I find the next time I get one.
  5. by   barton
    Before your message was edited, I believe you listed the company name as TALFORD. That was the reason for my original post. I just found an old TAFFORD catalog and I can't find an e-mail address but the phone is 1-800-283-0065. Hope this helps.