soft clogs

  1. What are the best and softest clogs ?
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  3. by   bsyrn them
  4. by   nerkeynurse
    I got Landau rx comfort clogs... they look totally nerdy, but they are soooo comfy!:spin:
  5. by   roser13
    Crocs are banned in some institutions...something about the build-up of electrical charges while walking.

    Danskos for me.
  6. by   chellelynn25
    Scrubs Brand Clogs.. I know they are sold at The Shoe Department stores. Relatively inexpensive around $20 a pair. They are light and super comfortable. The Strap on them is also adjustable and can be worn around your heel or pushed forward.
  7. by   RDavis, RN-BSN
    I have Sanitas and Danskos out in my garage...and I just came across a Clog at Kohls (of all places!) They were on sale and were about $45. They are amazing!!!! Much more comfortable than my Sanitas and Danskos, for about half of the price. The Brand is: Croft and Barrow. I wear them almost everyday in a very busy Level 1 Trauma ICU.
  8. by   RDavis, RN-BSN
    I guess I should clarify: they arent the softest...but they are comfortable!