Scrubs for RNs?

  1. Anyone know any good websites for buying scrubs or possibly a brand of scrubs that you swear by?

    I like scrubs with a ton of pockets especially on the pants. Kinda like cargo pants.

    Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    Your best bet is to visit a local scrub store to actually try some on and find a fit/fabric you like. If your local hospitals require a certain color, the store will likely carry most options in that color.

    My favorites I've tried in terms of comfort/fit are Grey's Anatomy (both the classic and active styles), Healing Hands Purple Label, and Cherokee Infinity; all have pants that are basically a pair of yoga pants. I don't own many patterned tops, but my favorite patterns are by Barco (umbrella company for several brands, including Grey's Anatomy). If you're super fashion-forward, there's a relatively new brand called Jaanuu that's pretty unique and trendy, but too pricey for my taste.