Sanita shoes....

  1. Just got a pair of red patent leather Sanita shoes which are similar to Danskos. Actually, the Sanitas have been around a long time and they used to make the Danskos. I think Dansko wanted to move the manufacturing to China so they branched off so to speak..

    Have to say, they are easier to break in, and I'm glad they put their foot down(pun intended) about the move to China...Think I'll be a Sanita customer from now on..

    Unfortunately, they are expensive like the Danskos too, but they are almost impossible to kill.
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  3. by   karleb
    I bought a pair of Sanita black patent leather clogs two months ago and love them. I have two pair of Dansko professional clogs (purchased before Dansko changed) and in my opinion they are about the same. I bought the Sanitas from a store in Boston who used to sell Danskos. They explained basically the same thing that you heard - Dansko changed manufacturers. Dansko used the Sanita clog maker for years so you know you are getting the same quality product. I will also buy Sanitas from now on!
  4. by   TX_ICU_RN
    I just got my first pair of Sanitas and LOVE them. Before I bought them, I did some internet research to try and figure out the Dansko/Sanita saga. I found a lot of information and decided to call The Walking Company. They were wonderful and answered all of my questions. I was surprised to find that Sanita was the company making Danskos...not the other way around! They also said that it will be a few months before the new Danskos come out. So, for the next few months Danskos and Sanitas will continue to be one and the same. However, I will now be a Sanita customer for two reasons....1) I am not buying Danskos from China and 2) Sanitas are not going to change at all, but Danskos will change some and I like my clogs just the way they are!
  5. by   perpare
    They explained basically the same thing that you heard - Dansko changed manufacturers
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  6. by   pagandeva2000
    Does anyone have a web site for these shoes? I am always interested in hearing and reading about new shoewear. For now, my orthotics and New Balance have been lifesavers, but would always look into other fits.
  7. by   LadyAmalthea
    Here's a link:

    Turns out Dansko was renting the patent from the Canadian company Sanita, and Sanita did not agree to let them rent it anymore. Hence, Dansko moved to China in a money-saving budgeting move and is now no longer the Dansko you knew and loved.

    If you want that type of shoe, buy Sanita.

    If you've recently bought Danskos and want to see if they are the old (traditional, hand-made) kind, the logo on the bottom should have a square around it. The new ones apparently lost the square on the logo. Or they just say "Made in China" on the inside.

    Hope that helped!
  8. by   helenthecat
    I have a pair of rosy pink Sanitas that I love. Just wish I could wear them at work. ALso have multiple pair of Danskos, and they are so comfortable also. Have a pair of the white professional clogs. they make work so much easier!
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  9. by   newRNstudent02
    I too love my black sanitas especially when I got them for freeeeee!