Male uniform woes

  1. ok a little rant here. I am starting a position with a new hospital. I've been to three different scrub stores in my area.

    "No we don't carry ROYAL BLUE and we have a LIMITED selection of MENS scrubs"

    (emphasis mine)

    Really? (Sigh)

    Online it is...
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  3. by   DeltaSaves
    I hear this from my fellow male coworkers. Have you tried shopping online? I know it's odd, but maybe just pick up a set or two that appeal to you and see what works.

    Also, what stores are near you? For where I live there's not a lot and they are few and far between.
  4. by   NICU Guy
    I do all my shopping online. Look at any uniform catalog. 50 pages of women's scrubs and 3 pages of men's.