Jaanuu scrubs

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  2. What do yall think of these tops?

    Mock neck top:
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  4. by   Stepper
    My initial reaction is looks like a color guard or dance team uniform.
  5. by   MabsRN
    Cute, until someone pukes, pees, poops, or bleeds on it.
  6. by   samfordbsn
    I think this sort of scrub top is more suited for women working in a cosmetic surgery office, rather than a hospital!
  7. by   adventure_rn
    Kind of reminds me of the "Fearless" scrub top from the Careisma by Sofia Vergara line. Careisma By Sofia Vergara Fearless Keyhole Scrub Tops | Scrubs & Beyond

    I think it's cute from an aesthetic perspective, but I don't think that keyhole cutouts on or around the chest are a great concept for scrubs. That v-neck doesn't appear to be a deeper cut than any standard scrub top, but the cutout feature really draws all attention to the exposed part of your neckline. I don't have a problem with it, but I could totally understand management or patients having the perception that it's too 'revealing' (even though it literally does not reveal any more skin than your standard v-neck scrubs).

    From a practical perspective (getting 'puked, peed, pooped, or bled on'), I don't think it's any more or less functional than any other scrub top; like I said, it's about as deep cut as any other v-neck scrub top. If your patient has that kind of aim, you're getting sprayed regardless of whether you're wearing a cutout, a mock wrap, or any other style. If anything, that extra sliver of fabric might provide you with 3 more square inches of protection, lol.
  8. by   NurseSpeedy
    I don't like the "choker" feel that would probably come from the top. Also, the shirt looks like it may have some issues when it comes to all the bending/stretching we do. I like to have mine long enough to cover my backend to prevent those nurse plumber-like moments.
  9. by   smartnurse1982
    I work in homecare,and we could wear regular clothes.

    I prefer to wear scrubs though.

    All my scrubs are baggy and make me look bigger than what I am and look,so i thought this top might make me appear thinner.
  10. by   sisiRN
    Definitely seems a little too form fitting. Need a bit more room and flexibility.
  11. by   whale
    If you work in home care and are also allowed to wear regualr clothes, I feel that this would be a good top!
  12. by   caliotter3
    Too form fitting for people with my body dimensions! Also, I can't imagine myself crawling under my patient's bed wearing this. For that matter, if I wore this, I wouldn't even want to be crawling under my patient's bed. I like my regular scrubs because they are comfortable and I can get down and dirty wearing them without destroying a nice top, slacks, or pair of street shoes. I don't even like to wear jeans and a tee shirt when a night shift client says they don't care what the nurses wear at night.