help with color

  1. We're allowed to use any scrub and choose any color we want but I can't decide what color to choose from. I narrowed my selection to NAVY BLUE Uniform Advantage Search Assistant Results
    or the GALAXY BLUE Uniform Advantage Search Assistant Results

    I know color doesn't matter but I just want to look good
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    I think the galaxy blue looks better. Navy blue seems so drab in scrub form
  4. by   Sure2BaRN
    I just received Galaxy Blue Dickies EDS Signature scrubs I ordered from Uniform Advantage and they are wonderful. Great color, fit, and material; very comfortable.
  5. by   Chrissygraduatenurse
    I like the Navy Blue
  6. by   Miiki
    Get both
  7. by   ButterflyEffect06
    The galaxy blue looks vibrant. I'd pick that over Navy.
  8. by   Chrissygraduatenurse
  9. by   MissChloe
    I'd get a few different sets in different colors. We are required to wear navy but at other jobs I've enjoyed choosing a different color for different days.