Help! I need a good recommendation!

  1. Hi guys!!

    So I am currently recovering from ACL reconstruction, and will be returning to the floor (as an LPN) and resuming clinicals (for RN) within the next few weeks after 5 months off of work. I'm in need of a good pair of shoes, especially given my new knee issues, and I am kind of at a loss as to what shoes I should get.

    I can't wear any kind of clog/mule because my feet won't fit inside of them (trust me, I've tried), and the last pair of shoes I had were Dansko sneakers. They were great when I first started wearing them but within a few months they started breaking down... I was not impressed with the quality for the price.

    I'm a little on the heavier side (which is improving every day!) so that is also a consideration. I want something that has great arch support, lightweight, good healing padding, and well.... comfortable. I've googled around, but I want some recommendations from those who are in the trenches.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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