Good quality stethoscopes that aren't Littmann?

  1. Looking to purchase several stethoscopes for our department. Don't want crap, but can't afford to buy half a dozen Littmanns. What are some good quality brands that aren't super spendy?
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  3. by   Archerlpvn
    MDF is a great brand and value. Their entry level stethoscope is called "acoustica" I believe and still has a lifetime warranty. About half the price of littmans entry level stethoscope and way better warranty. ADscope is another great brand, but MDF has the better value with lifetime warranty on even their entry level.
  4. by   KatieMI
    You won't believe it but Allheart brand dual head costs $5 and it is comparable with ADscope. It is my spare one should something happens with my favorite AD Cardio (which I favor over Littmann).