Flexibles by Cherokee and wonder wink.

  1. I'm planning to buy these online but I wanted to find out how they run in size. You can't never go by their size chart because from experience, it's usually way off. I usually wear XS on tops and S bottoms but a lot of the times the tops run big even on XS or either run too small. I'm 5'6 130lb evenly distributed weight. That means I'm not hippy or booby or have a large rear. I like that these scrubs have stretchy side panels and the pants are stretchy. Anyone has tried them? Do they run small or big? Any suggestions as to form fitting scrubs?
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  3. by   Sure2BaRN
    I just received Wonder Wink scrubs I ordered from Uniform Advantage and they see, to be true fit. I'm 5'0 somewhat thick and very booby, so I ordered large top and large petite bottoms and they fit great. I don't like my clothing tight, so I room to wiggle and work comfortably.