First Nursing Job --Cardiac Stepdown-- Should I Go for the Fancy Stethoscope?

  1. Hi all,

    I've recently graduated nursing school and passed my boards. I am starting my first ever nursing job this month!!! I will be working in the Cardiac IMU (step down from ICU). I've done my research, and it looks like the Littmann Cardiology IV is the way I'd like to go. I have an MDF from nursing school, but there have been times where my classmates could clearly hear something that I couldn't pick up with my stethoscope. As a new nurse, with my first job, is it worth going for the best? Or should I start out with something simpler that still does the trick? The cost isn't really a factor, but the appearance is. I hated the odd bell shape on some of the other options.

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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    If cost isn't the issue, go for the Littman. It will last you for the rest of your career. One caveat -- go for the most obnoxious color you can get and have your name engraved on the bell. The obnoxious color means it's less likely to grow legs -- and if it does, it's easier to spot and reclaim a neon orange or fuchsia scope than it is the standard black, navy or forest green. The name engraved on the bell means that when you do spot it, you can easily prove it's yours.
  4. by   alexis413
    Thank you for that tip. I have been told to watch it for doctors who may take my stethoscope. That's so weird! I was looking at the black tubing with the rainbow bell, but now I may have to take it a step further and get colorful tubing, which would make me even happier!

    Thank you for your input!
  5. by   llg
    I suggest asking the educator on your new unit. There might be a good choice that the people in their unit prefer -- and having the "right" one will help you fit into group better.

    You also might want to wait until you see if you are going to actually like (and keep) that job. To splurge on anything expensive is a waste if you find that you hate that job and end up switching to something for which the expensive model is not necessary.
  6. by   HalfBoiled
    I prefer MDF over Littmans.
    - Same quality
    - Lower price
    - Lifetime warranty (I only claimed for new earbuds)
    - Less likely to get stolen
  7. by   HannahMarine30
    I have the same scope and found it quite helpful in the CICU. Not that this type of unit requires anything diagnostic in terms of obtaining vitals but you want to be able to hear anomalies/sounds clearly. I once realized my day-1 postop patient may be suffering from cardiac tamponade when his chest tubes stopped draining, his BP started to drop, and his heart sounds went from clearly audible to muffled in a matter of minutes. Being able to determine changes from baseline is one of the most important parts of ICU nursing. Free tidbit, One trick I really like is to close my eyes when I use my scope, for some reason it helps me hear a lot better.
  8. by   BonBonRN
    I purchased a littman classic, I think its a III. I really like it. I have the pink rainbow one.