Best Scrub Tops & Pants

  1. I need help finding good solid black scrub tops and pants. I have broad shoulders and most scrub tops I have tried on are too big in the waist and tight in the arms/shoulders & I dont like the tops that are too long. For pants I am 5'3 & I have a normal sized waist not too skinny or fat and big thighs I have tried the urbane elastic waist pants and they fit perfectly except they are too short and the regular/tall are too long so I need pants that are about 29-30'' and preferably elastic waist and no cargo pants. Any suggestions of what I should try?
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Check aviator scrubs
  4. by   ambobam
    I am 5'4 with large thighs and I will never buy another brand of scrubs besides MC2 (med couture 'MC' squared) They fit me amazing (I don't have broad shoulders, but I don't have small shoulders either)
  5. by   Sure2BaRN
    Try Dickies EDS Signature; I just received a package today from Uniform Advantage and this brand seems to fit me perfectly. I'm shorter, only 5'0, so ordered Petite and they are still a little long. Other than that, they fit great and are comfortable.