Anyone wear Grey's Anatomy Barco scrubs? Have a question...

  1. Hi, I'm in love with my Grey's Anatomy scrubs because they're the absolute softest scrubs I've ever worn. (Poly/rayon, believe it or not) Anyhow I need additional uniforms and was wondering if any other brands had similar-feel scrubs or something unbelievably soft. I order my scrubs online, so it's hard to judge. If any of you have input, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks. Amanda
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  3. by   BoopRN
    Iguana Med scrubs are super soft too. Unfortunately, they don't have tall sizes (last I checked), just like the Grey's line.
  4. by   PAERRN20
    I like Nu Dimension and Uniform Advantage's Butter Soft scrubs.
  5. by   kids
    Dickies Black Label scrubs are a sanded poly and very soft.
  6. by   nursestuff321
    You can use the coupon code GREY10 for 10% off of Grey's Anatomy scrubs at