Allheart VS. Littman Classic SE

  1. I saw this Stethoscope review online but want to know first hand if anyone here has used the Allheart Cardiology Stethoscope in class/clinicals. I am trying to find out if it is indeed better than the Littman Classic II SE. If I can save $80 and still get a better quality stethoscope, then I'd like to keep that money in my pocket. I usually prefer to pay for quality than just name brand but I have read a lot of NS on this site use the Littman Classic II SE. Based on this review ( the top 6 are:

    1. Littmann Cardiology III
    2. Allheart Cardiology
    3. Welch Allyn Harvey Tycos Elite
    4. Littmann Cardiology (I)
    5. ADC ADscope 603
    6. Littman Classic II SE

    Any adivce would be helpful

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