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Nursing school in Italy

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by vanessainf vanessainf (New Member) New Member

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:balloons: Hello everyone,This is my first post.Until now i was just a subscriber.

Well,i would like to start making a question.

I have just graduated from nursing school in Italy (march 2007), BUT I AM BRAZILIAN and i live in Italy as a legal resident,

My question is: I am a brazilian woman who graduated from an Italian University if i decide to apply to work in the US (I kind of know the requirements of cgfns) i just don't undestand the statement "the applicant must provide a

diploma from his/her home country", despite other requirements to be able to apply, in this case a brazilian with an italian diploma (3 year full time)in nursing will be able to apply?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hello, vanessainf and welcome to allnurses.com

So good to have you with us. I moved your thread to the International forum for a better response.

Hope you enjoy the site.

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What is posted above is not correct for most states, including CA. You are not required to take the licensing exam in the country where you trained, the requirement is that you have a completed set of transcripts that are accepted by the Board of Nursing for the state where you wish to work, or by the Board of Registered Nursing for CA. CGFNS exam requires you to have taken the local exam for where you trained, but that requirement is also waived if the nurse is not permitted to test in that country.

Please check out the Primer at the top of the International Forum for information that you need.

Example, many of the nurses from the Philippines do not write their local exam and are able to work in the US, and in CA. They just submit a letter that they did not write their exam as they were not going to practice there, and this is accepted by almost all states, including CA.

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