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Nursing School Advice, BSN/ASN, Is there a difference

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So I'm applying to nursing school after many years as a dental hygienist. I've applied to a Master's Entry program at University of Arizona (UA) and to my local community college (GCC/GCU) which offers a bridge program in which I attend 2 years getting my AS in nursing then move into the 18mo MSN program at GCU.

The UA program is an accelerated 15 mo program in which I will be getting an MS RN (apparently this is not the same as MSN, it is considered equivalent to BSN- but I'd be a "masters prepared RN").

I'm just trying to decide which one I should do. 

Does anyone have any experience with this or know what the difference is between MS RN vs MSN

Is there a significant difference in terms of career opportunities if I went and got my AS degree first and then do an MSN? I already have a BS in biology so it seems backwards to get my AS but at least I'll be getting an MSN after. In the other program, I would still need to apply to get a legit MSN.

Thanks in advance!

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