New grad, landed a job, looking for another, what to include?

  1. Hi,
    I landed my first ever nursing job in a skilled nursing facility in late May. I've been off orientation for 2 weeks. I was hired per diem and I'd like to pick up another job in the next couple of weeks. I'm having trouble with my resume. On my resume I used to get my current job, the career service person at my school told me to put the skills I did in nursing school clinicals (which clearly states it's from school clinicals, not work experience) because I had no medical experience at all. My question is, now that I've been working at my new job, do I still include the nursing school clinical skills?
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  3. by   mt9891
    Yes and add any new ones you've learned while on the new job. You need to use that resume to MARKET your honest strengths and abilities. They will piece together when those were learned etc. by dates on the resume. So, if job loyalty with "x" amount of years of experience at one location is not your strength, highlight your skills which are... just my $0.02