From fulltime to perdiem on resume

  1. I've been working at a hospital for 6 years. I was fulltime 4 years and changed my status to per diem 2 years ago.

    So my normal format would be:

    ABC Hospital >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2012-2018
    ICU, Staff Nurse
    • Description

    I'm looking to see how I can format my resume to indicate when I became per-diem without it looking awkward. Or should I just leave it as 2012-2018?
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  3. by   Seanj
    It doesn't have to say if you are per diem, part time or full time. If they want to know they might ask. I think the job experience or job description is more important
  4. by   KelRN215
    I'd leave it. Your title is still staff nurse, right? The only reason I have a per diem job listed as such on my resume is because I only ever worked it per diem/had other jobs at the same time.