Explaining gaps in resume

  1. I need a little guidance ... I graduated in May 2014 with an Assoc. degree and passed the NCLEX in August 2014.... my husband received a promotion at the time and it required quite a bit of travel so I decided to continue as a SAHM to 3 kids and to manage the business I own with my husband that he wouldn't be able to manage being away so much.... I also had to have surgery for a herniated disc in 2015... so here we are in 2017 and the business is not my full time job any longer and I want to get a job as an RN... I have also been accepted into an RN to BS program for this Fall....
    my question is do I explain my not working as an RN for the past 2 years in my cover letter, or do you think that I am just completely out of luck here.
    Thanks for any advice
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  3. by   foggnm
    You've answered your own question: explain your gap in experience on your resume.
  4. by   Bella2016
    Did you have any luck finding a job? I'm in a similar situation. We graduated same year too :/