Approaching 1 year med/surg..need help updating resume.

  1. Hello,

    I'm approaching a year of med/surg experience on a busy surgical oncology unit.
    I'm interested in starting to explore other possibilities but am stuck on how to update my resume. The one I have now is from when I graduated nursing school and only lists my student clinical experiences.
    Is it necessary to still include these or should I delete them?
    When you list hospital RN jobs on your resume, how do you "describe" the job? Are there any good templates out there? I'm sure there are on here, just didn't have any luck searching for them yet. I'm interested in a psych or public health position. I'm a second-degree RN and have some related work experience before nursing to include, just stuck on how to list and explain my current job.

    Thanks in advance for your tips.
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