Endorsing a continental US RN license to Guam

  1. Hello,
    I wonder if anyone knows how to endorse an RN license from the continental US to Guam?
    I've placed several calls to the Guam board of RN's asking for the requirements to endorse my RN license to Guam. Each week I'm asked for my address, etc., and told that the application is going out to me in today's mail. To date, I still have not received the application. Can anyone with experience in this area tell me what is required beyond my filling out the application (if it ever arrives!) so I can get started on that?
    Thanks so much for your assistance!
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  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Can you check the GUAM BRN website and see if they have a downloadable application
  4. by   kmq1986
    Thank you for your reply. No, there's no downloadable application, unfortunately.