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Nursing Programs in Seattle Area


Hi All-

I am moving from Chicago to Seattle in the next month and wondered if anyone has any recommendations on nursing programs at community colleges in the area?

Thanks for any info......


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If you go to www.allnursingschools.com or www.nursingschools.com you put in what type of degree you want and the area you want. The site will list them all. I do know that there is Seattle University, University of Washington and several other schools. I would stay away from the cc because the waiting list is very long for them.

Getit Done

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I live it the Olympia WA and it is true the CC all have long lists. You might want to stop in at Harborview Medical Center and see if they have any programs and contracts to help you with school and work. They are the county facility (They will also be open) and are one of the teaching hospitals with the University of Washington.

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