Nursing Programs In NYC?

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Hello there, I moved to NYC about 3 months ago, I am currently a CNA and I want to start the process of going to school to become a RN. I know i missed the cut off date for fall Classes in nursing but I can start pre nursing classes in the fall. I will be working full time days so I need a program at night/ after 3 pm. I currently reside in Brooklyn and would like to look for schools in brooklyn/ Manhattan. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!


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I took my prereqs at BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) and had a good experience. It was very cheap! It might be more expensive for you if you've moved here from out of state, but after 12 months in NY you can get in-state tuition.


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City tech near jay street is a good option. I took all my classes there. I have night classes starting at 6pm.


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Medgar Evers offers an evening and weekend program to accommodate working individuals like ourselves u should look into it. :)