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nursing program prerequisites! !


Hello. I m currently in community college in NY and doing nursing prerequisites in here. After Fall 2014 semester . Im going to apply stony brook basic nursing program and Sufolk community college nursing program . I ve searched for stony brook nursing prerequisite course and its

Admission Requirements

Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.8 is required

57 college credits with a grade C or better

in the following courses

Required Courses* Credits

English Composition 3

Sociology 3

Psychology .... 3

Developmental Psychology 3

Microbiology/Lab 4

Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab 4

Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab 4

Chemistry 3

Statistics 3

Humanities 6

Fine Arts 3

US History 3

Global Issues 3

Second Semester of Elementary Foreign Language* 3

Electives 9

Total Credits

* 57 minimum

I have question about second semester of foreign language. But its 3 credit . I dont understand why its credit, if second semester of class will be 6 credit.

What they are requiring?:confused: