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Nursing Program Interviews

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by tgreene227 tgreene227 (New) New Student Pre-Student

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Hey everyone!

I am going for my first 2 program interviews next week and I am super nervous and I am not sure how to prepare. I am going for an interview at Seton Hall University and Pace University and I am applying to their accelerated nursing programs.

I was hoping anyone who has gone for an interview for an ABSN program, especially those who went for one at Seton hall or Pace could give me any advice or tips!

HELP! ❤️ 🙂

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I'm nowhere near NJ/NY, but just a suggestion..... In case nobody else responds to your question, you might want to try to post it in the "State" sections of NJ/NY too. You might have some people there whom have attended these schools.

Good luck!

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