Nursing Pre recs and LPN program

by tyrha92 (New) New

I have completed many of my pre recs, and have received almost all a's. I am on some of the last classes, I just received a C in my chemistry course and I am unsure if I should try to retake it. If I was to have all a's in every other class, but this class would that make a huge impact in my ability to get into a program whether it be RN or LPN.

I am also looking to get into a LPN program at my local school, but once I finish I would like to finish up my RN online. Does anyone know of any legit LPN to RN programs that are online and aren't through private colleges that charge $500 a credit. Please let me know what you have completed or have found. I am in Portland Oregon area, I do know of the programs aren't here for lpn to rn, but I just want to see all my options.