REALLY need help...

  1. When an order is given to administer a medicine PRN q 1 hour, what window before/after do you use.

    I was told throughout school/training that there is a 1/2 hour window (15 min either way). A question has come up regarding a med that I gave between 50 and 55 minutes for palliative care. I may be just panicking, but I am truly worried that someone is going to turn this into a MAJOR issue so I need to hear input on what everyone else goes by. I can't ask those I work with because I may as well announce it on the overhead.

    I've been working for years and this has never come up, but it is a sticky situation to begin with and I don't know if I should be anxious like this or not.

    I need help from you guys.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Agree with your window time frame for med scheduled q 1 hr....unless P+P says otherwise.
  4. by   LucyLu
    I agree with your nursing judgment also. Let us know how this turns out.