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  1. so a nurse's pt had Novolog 30 units scheduled routinely AND for sliding scale. Pts BS was 199 So sliding scale coverage was between 5-7 units (can't remember) on top of the 30 UNITS. My question is - why so much?
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  3. by   blondy2061h
    Insulin sensitivity varies for everyone. A lot of things effect it, including age, weight, hormone levels, activity levels, and more! Everyone needs a different amount. I've seen teeny tiny doses and huge doses and everything in between. What is important is if it's keeping the patient's blood sugars in range.
  4. by   BrandonLPN
    The receptor cells (or whatever) of people with a hx of uncontrolled diabetes don't use insulin very efficiently. So they might require what seems like ungodly doses of novolog. I remember a resident who got 48 units of novolog with meals. You see doses like that from time to time.
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    Thank you everyone for the responses!