Med Cart Protocol

  1. I am an Ohio LPN working at an Assisted Living facility. I have Googled the following every which way, with no success!

    I am in need of information regarding the proper (legal!?) procedural requirements, protocol for the process of removing empty containers, narc count sheets from Med Carts after Rx is finished, zer0 quantity left (med cart reconciliation)? Especially in the context of timeframes, ie immediate, end of shift, daily, weekly, etc.

    In addition to any advice, experience and/or knowledge anyone would be gracious enough to share with me, any direction to links with resources that provide documentation on this subject would also be helpful and welcome.... references specific to Ohio, BON regulations would be a bonus!

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Have you checked with your pharmacy? They should have something.