I am new I just need some help please

  1. I just want to know if anyone can help me pronounce the opiate antagonist is it no lock sown how do you know gosh look all they spell it??
    Iz jt naloxone???
    Is it a pen or what???
    How is it administered?
    There Are so many drug addicks where I live I want to be prepared.T
    The heroin problem is overwhelming .
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  3. by   aquaheart6
    I am so embarrassed but I can't see that well with these new glasses sorry about all the typing errors
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Nah-LOX-one. Most everyone I know just calls it by the trade name Narcan. You can look it up in any drug guide. You might visit your local health department and ask how paramedics and law enforcement give it (there are different ways) You might also live in a state that does not require a RX and can carry it.

    You need to be REALLY careful- there have been verified reports of first responders and ER staff needing to be given it from touching the high potency fentanyl that heroin is now mixed with in some areas. Bad BAD stuff,
  5. by   KIMMIEKAY11868
    This does come in injection and nasal spray.