Heparin injection

  1. What are the consequences of injecting heparin into the muscle of the abdomen? The nurse I was following used what I thought to be a large needle. It was on a 40 year old overweight man. The man did not have pain or bruising for 6hrs after but then I left.
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  3. by   CardiacDork
    HOLY CRAP. You NEED to tell that nurse how to properly inject subcutaneous (5,000 unit?) dose of heparin! You NEED to call the hospital and check if the patient is still alive!!!

    SQ Heparin injected IM can cause serious issues ... such as bleeding from every orifice... and SHOCK and DEATH.

    Thank the universe for observant and diligent student nurses such as yourself.

    In all seriousness, they'll probably get a hematoma/bruise. It'll be okay.