Dosage calculation problem help?

  1. Hi! I'm currently a nursing student trying to figure out a dilutent/dosage calculation problem and just need help in the right direction.


    Order: Penicillin G potassium 400,000 units IM every 4 hours.
    Available: Penicillin G 5,000,000 units/mL.
    Directions state: Add 8.2 mL dilutent to provide 500,000 units/mL.
    How many milliliters will you administer?

    I'm assuming 8.2mL is added so instead of 5,000,000 units/mL, it will be 500,000 units/mL. I did the dosage calculation equation (400,000/500,000 * 1mL) which gave me 0.8mL. Is this correct? Help is appreciated.
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  3. by   chare
    Yes, 0.8 mL is correct.

    And thank you for showing us ykur anawer, and what you did to get it.
  4. by   sallyrnrrt
    Atta good job