Where to Buy Study Guides??

  1. Where or who should I buy my text books and study guides from, at one time I thought I would go for it and spent $1800 to Rue but they lost about $1000 of my money, I hated their study guides, they were good but the first chapter they had you jumping all over the text for answers, I am use to reading a chapter then doing the study guide for the chapter. You can send a private message if you like any information would help me....
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  3. by   Broombug
    I bought used textbooks and study guides from ebay.
  4. by   Larabelle
    Do Not, I repeat Do Not purchase any text books instead try doing what I did. I NEVER PAID ONE PENNY TOWARD BOOKS. I obatined all of my books through interlibrary loan through my public library after all isn't that what we pay taxes for (to support the library). Then I obtained the information as outlined in the free Excelsior exam study guide from these books. Although sometimes I could not obtain the most up to date version I passed every exam with flying colors. Buying the text books is a waste and I am a penny pincher.