Where do i start when studying for cpne?

  1. Starting to get ready to study for cpne and i was wondering where to start?!?! i'm starting to freak!! i was thinking of memorizing all critical elements for each area of care. And possibly sending a few care plans to excelsior to see if i've got the hang of those by their standards.
    to those of you that have emailed them careplans is there a specific format that they like to see or do you just write the nursing dx and the related to followed by goals and then interventions? or do they prefer you to use the one of the actual forms in the study guide and then upload it as an attachment?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Have you printed out your CPNE study guide yet? If so, read that thing cover to cover, the whole thing, at least once ... every word, every page. There is an absolute wealth of info in that thing, that is why it is 500+ pages. Next, get comfortable with the critical elements in Unit IV, and go from there. Congrats on getting to this point!!
  4. by   caliotter3
    A quick read of the CPNE guide is in line. Then read it again to get to the nitty gritty. At this point you might want to make notes for yourself. You might want to consider a workshop to get yourself down the right path. Highly recommend that one put on by west coast Tina, CPNE She puts it all out in front of you and tells you what you really need to save you time and effort.
  5. by   t-lo
    Print out the manual and then break it down to read. Will also need to get the lab supplies to begin practice. When doing the critial elements for the aoc's take it one at a time and learn them. Also visit the information for mneumonics for the aoc's on this site to assist you. If you feel like you are still confused or overwhelmed then yes do take a Workshop. There are several that are recommended. Tina in Cal is one of them, Excelsior also has one but it is not a teaching workshop. Lynn Fredricks also has one that Travels and Tina in Pa also has one. Please if you decided that a workshop is needed check the material/ services each of them offers to see if it is what you need.
  6. by   hotnurse84
    Thanks for the responses. I've read a probably the first 60 or so pages so far. And I've skimmed thru the critical elemnts to just get an idea so far. But is there somewhere cheap to have this whole thing printed out for you? I'm broke with all these fees and whatnot!
    Also, cant afford a workshop. I live in Indiana and excelsiors workshop comes to indy in june and one in ohio in april. BUT 750! jeez thats a mortgage payment!! I cant swing it...lol. The 370 one in , (i think north carolina?) is a good price but a 9hr drive.And chancellors is over 1000 dollars...haha..yeah right.i had to borrow the 2025 for the cpne itself and really dont want anymore debt. just cant do the 9 hr drive either with my work schedule and husbands work schedule with our baby.
    So if anyone knows of other workshops in ohio or indiana. or maybe a video that helped you. or did excelsiors online workshops or flashcards? any of these helpful?
    I dont have a date yet. but i am studying a little everyday. Good thing is my husband office works in an office of a nursing home and when their supplies expire he can throw them away...so he brought me home some sterile gloves and gauze to practice the wound care. gonna see if the administrator will let me buy some other supplies to practice with.
    thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   wintersantanaRN
    I am only at the beginning of my EC journey but I am on a budget also and I plan on doing this when I get where you are

    I hope this helps...

    Get Lisa Arends CPNE review notes on CD for about $ 25 on ebay, CPNE flash cards about $12 from EC, also get Rob's CPNE DVD's they are great and about $70 ( I think the website is robscpne.com or something like that) and make a lab at home and buy the supplies from excelsior then study, study, study until you can do the skills in your sleep. I hear it takes about 2-3 months minimal of hard core studying and dedication to defeat the monster that is CPNE but it can be done.

    Good Luck
  8. by   ougreene
    Planning, planning your time, planning your studying strategy.
    Organization, organizing critical elements, organizing skills.
    Working, work it out, working towards your goal.
    Evolve, evolve into the CPNE study machine.
    Realization, realize you can do it!

    You have the POWER!

    Great luck!

    Gail Buce, RN, BSN
    CPNE 11/09 - one time only!
  9. by   anabell100
    I just went to the workshop in north carolina with Lynn Fredrick and being from iowa I had to fly to get there. It is costly but is it as costly as having to retake the CPNE?? The low low price of $3000 is nothing to laugh at. She has a website called clinicalprepexam.com. There are study materials you can purchase and she will help you with the money situation. She has even done free workshops for those who can't afford them. Lynn breaks it down for you so the anxiety is lowered considerably. I would recommend it to everyone.
  10. by   MsPC
    I, like another poster, have decided that I won't be taking a workshop as the price for me to get to a workshop will cost as much as it will to retake the CPNE. I am watching all other methods of preparation and will be practicing religiously using multiple suggestions from this thread and those in the excelsior discussion boards.

    Just my
  11. by   keepitrealnurse
    I am going to be starting Excelsior soon and hope I will have a solid plan by the time I take my CPNE. Im thinking about getting some study materials now and just reading it as I take the test. I have read countless forums about this CPNE and it sounds like a beast!
  12. by   t-lo
    If you are just starting your courses...don't worry about CPNE. Get through you exams.
    1 thing at a time my friend....