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    I'm looking for a career change. I'm currently a Medical Laboratory Scientist with a Bachelor's and Master's degree. I'm so burnt out in the lab, and tired of feeling unfulfilled with no patient interaction. I originally started in nursing but switched to laboratory science after taking the pre-reqs, and now I'm really regretting my decision. There's absolutely no respect in this field and no room to advance.

    Online education is ideal for me, but I'm not sure if there are any programs for non-nurses that would accommodate my busy life. I'm not looking for the easy route (or necessarily the fastest), but just something that would be doable with a job and family.

    Does anyone have experience withe the WGU Bachelor of Science (Prelicensure program) in Decatur, TX? I was surprised that out of all of their locations they actually have one very close to me (I live pretty far out). Any other options that might be better? I work weekends so I'm concerned that the clinicals might take place on Sat/Sundays.

    I appreciate any advice!
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