University of Cincinnati fnp spring 2019

  1. Hey everyone!

    Just starting a thread to see who has applied and or gotten accepted into the University of Cincinnati's online FNP program for spring 2019?

    Super excited I just received my acceptance letter today!

    I've only read great things about this university. It would be great to see who I'm starting class with in January

    - Jessica
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  3. by   benrosy
    Hi Jessica,
    I've been accepted to their WHNP for the Spring semester. I am not sure though If I will accept, because I'm debating on going to the University of South Alabama ( accepted here too).

    I'm hearing scary thing about the program at USA so I'm almost leaning more towards UC. I've heard great things about UC.
    I was denied at Frontier Nursing University
  4. by   CalishortyRN
    Congrats on the acceptance!

    Yea I thought about USA but got nervous about all the mixed reviews I read in here about them.

    I haven't found anything all that negative about University of Cincinnati so that's why I accepted there and they were the only ones I applied to. Plus the price isn't too bad for a brick and mortar school.