UAB NP Adult-Gerontology Primary Care with Women's Health Subspecialty

  1. I am highly interested in this program and I wanted to inquire if there was anyone out there currently attending this particular program, or any other UAB graduate program. My intention is to apply for Fall 2014. This specific program caught my attention because of the subspecialty combined with the dual primary study. I am also a south Georgia resident so to have this school <300 miles and it be distance accessible is highly appealing. I have taken online classes and obtained my BSN through JU with ease although challenging. Thank you in advanced!
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  3. by   scarykarrey
    I'm interested in reading people's experiences, too! I applied for the Summer 2014 entry, and am currently waiting to hear an admissions decision.
  4. by   Hammstac
    Same here! also applied for Summer 2014 and waiting to hear about acceptance.