Texas A&M- Corpus BSN eLine

  1. Is anyone applying for the TAMU-CC eLine program for Spring 2017? Hoping to find some fellow future classmates!
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  3. by   WonderousIvy
    Can you give me a quick overview of this program? Is it an online BSN?
  4. by   jlgaut
    They do offer an online version for the didactic portion, and will set up preceptors in your area for the clinical portions. The eLine version can be completed in 15 months if you have all the prerequisites complete.
  5. by   WonderousIvy
    Can you complete the clinical portions out of state,or must they still be in Texas? I'm a military spouse and in it sure where we may be in a year..
  6. by   Candace1
    Hi everyone! I just took my Hesi today and finished up my application for the spring 2017 eline. I still have to take the two nursing pre req courses in the fall but hopefully will be meeting you guys in the spring! Where is everyone from? I'm in San Antonio. Good luck everyone!