TAMU-CC eLine or WGU Pre-licensure

  1. I'm on the fence and need to make a choice. I was accepted into Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi's eLine BSN program. I am concerned about being able to set up clinicals in the Houston area since speeking with current students in that program. I would not have to begin clinicals until I finish the class (so spring semester) but if I am unable to get a clinical site in Houston I would have to go to Corpus which is a 5 hour drive.

    I started looking into WGU to get my BSN but am worried about the pass/fail grades and getting into a masters program. Also, I have not found a WGU graduate in Texas so I don't know how employers view the degree.

    Anyone familar with either of these programs have any advice or input on what made them decide to enter that program?
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