RN to BSN degree (online.....?) with option for MS or NP later on.

  1. I've just graduated with my ASN and recently got my first RN job. I want to continue on with my BSN and be able to leave the doors open for a possible masters/NP program way down the road. I've tried to do a lot of research on RN-BSN programs or even RN-MS programs. Many of them are online, which could be either good or bad. I need to work full time, and I feel like online is the only option because of the flexibility. Anyways, tuition is also a concern, because I do not want to get into too much debt. I've also heard rumors that certain graduate schools will not accept online degrees because online degrees only give you a certain GPA... is this true? So far the schools I have looked at are: UMass Boston, Framingham State University, Umass Amherst, Fitchburg University, MCPHS, and a few others such as U of Wyoming and Fort Kent. I have quite a few pre-reqs and gen. ed. courses completed. Do colleges usually look at transcripts before people apply? I'd like to pick a school also on the least amount of gen. ed. courses, but I'd hate to pay a dozen application fees. This is so overwhelming...... any advice?
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