RN to BSN for international nurses

  1. I am looking for RN to BSN online program and I found hundreds of them. Can you help me with some additional info about such a program for international, out of state students. I have passed NCLEX-RN recently and after 1 year my IELTS will expire (dont wanna sit for this exam never ever again )
    I know so far that I have to have my transcripts evaluated by WES (grading system in my country is different) and send them to the University that I wanna apply in and then they will tell me how much credits I have to make.
    I think I have to make up many GE courses as our nursing program does not include much of those. I would study anything connected to nursing, but dont give me history, chemistry,written assignments...
    Is there any college or University that is recommended for foreign educated nurses with not much of gen. education classes requirements... Fees are important as well, as I am going to pay out of my pocket.
    Any info will be appreciated.
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