Pre-requisites for Nursing Program

  1. [font="franklin gothic medium"]hello everyone,

    i am still confused on what are the pre-requisites of the nursing program of arizona state university(asu).
    i have already taken
    *eng101 and
    and currently taking
    *psy101 and
    have taken/taking all of these classes at rio salado community college.
    i have a copy showing the list of the pre-requistes(, but i am not sure if it is accurate though.

    also, i am still thinking on which statistics class to take: psy 230 or mat 206, or gbs 221, which one is the easiest, the best, and will be credited?

    lastly, do you guys think it is worth it if i will take spanish classes?

    responses will be greatly appreciated! have a wonderful day ahead!
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  3. by   MsPC
    If you are getting the information from the catalog no one here is going to be able to confirm or deny the accuracy. You need to speak to someone at either Rio Salado or ASU, they should both have advisers for nursing. I know you can speak to the Rio Salado advisers online Monday through Saturday. I'm not sure if it was your post or someone, but a recent post regarding statistics but the mat one is the best to take, not necessarily easiest but it poses less questions from what i've been told by my adviser. If you find the other post you will see my rational for that.

    I don't have any idea regarding the spanish course. I don't understand why you would want to or the reasoning for it, but I don't see any reason not to. Just know one class won't make you fluent.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Make an appointment to speak with an advisor.
  5. by   SEA3347
    Yes, meeting with an advisor will save you a lot of time and energy. They are all really nice and will help you move in the right direction.