1. biology and college hard are they? and what do i need for the classes?

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  3. by   agldragonRN
    i am good at math so i found algebra to be easy. my advice is to pay attention to your teacher and keep practicing problems until you get them.

    i didn't like biology at first. that was the first science class i took in college after getting my degree in computer science. i ended getting an a because i did excellent in my labs. in labs, you use microscope and look at the slides, and use some litmus (sp?) paper to see if something is acidic or basic. to be honest, i really can't remember a whole lot what i did in that class but i really liked the labs and two of my classmates (repeaters) were cheating off me. i know i am cheating as well but i didn't care back then. good luck with your classes.

  4. by   agldragonRN
    oooppsss....just realized that you might be talking about on line classes. in that case, i have no idea as i have not taken any online classes yet.