Pre-licensure BSN programs with online components

  1. Hey everyone! Looking into shorter BSN programs throughout the country and am wondering if you have any recommendations for programs that are under 30k with online components? Location is not a big deal, as I'm willing to move for schooling. I already have a BA in a non-nursing discipline, so considering transferring into a BSN program or doing an ABSN program. Currently looking into WGU and UT- Arlington. Thank you!
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  3. by   NICUMurse87
    I went to UTA for the ABSN program and was generally happy with it. You obviously have to go to a hospital for the clinical component and you have to go to campus or an approved testing center for the exams. I can't really speak to transferring prereqs, as I got my BA there as well, but the advisors were pretty straightforward with what was required. The price was about $20k when it was all said and done, including books and lab kits. Some of the classes were a bit too short and a couple longer than I thought necessary, but overall it is a good program that would recommend if you are a self motivator with good planning and organizing skills.