Other direct-entry NP programs for non-nurses like Vanderbilt's?

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    I am familiar with Vanderbilt's direct-entry NP program that allows non-nurses with a bachelor's degree to become NPs, but I was just wondering if anyone else knew of a list of other programs that also allow non-nurses to become NPs. What I like about Vanderbilt's program is that students are only required to live near the school and attend physical classroom courses for the first year, and after that, they are allowed to go back home and complete the rest of the program via the internet. So does anyone know of programs that are structured similarly, in the sense that students only have to live near the school for a short period of time?

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  3. by   elkpark
    I believe the AACN maintains a list of direct-entry MSN programs on its website. There are a kazillion of them nowadays. I have no idea which others may use the kind of model Vandy does.
  4. by   dbfitch
    UC Davis has one in CA, as does Merritt College in CA.