Organic Chemistry?

  1. I am looking for an online ORGANIC CHEMISTRY class.

    I am hoping to find one that will work for nursing and graduate school requirements. A class broken into Organic I and Organic II would be ideal!

    A lab would be nice, but not neccessary!

    Thxs for the help.

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  3. by   kabarnes

    I just started taking an introductory organic chemistry class from UC Berkeley Extension. It is all online and self paced. You have six months to complete the material. I am only in chapter 2, but so far it is good. You read the lectures online, read your book, send homework to the professor via e-mail and have an open book midterm and proctored final. It does involve teaching yourself. And I have heard horror stories about O Chem. But, I am plugging along and hopefully it won't bite me in the behind. It costs $700. Hope this is helpful